Trauma, Tresses, & Truth: Untangling Our Hair Through Personal Narrative

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: August 7th & 8th, 2021. BOOK: Contributors are African American & Afro Latina authors relating their true, often shocking encounters while wearing natural hair. Out in 2022.

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  • TRAUMA, TRESSES & TRUTH: The Conference August 7th & 8th, 2021 Register at This two-day virtual conference examines the politics, policing, and perception of African American and Afro Latina women’s natural hair in American society. In addition to readings, attendees can choose from 75-minute panels and workshops interrogating the muted but invasive means by which society shames our natural hair from infancy through adulthood. Eighteen months ago, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the CROWN Act into law, making California the first state in the country to ban discrimination against people based on their natural hair. Los Angeles Senator Holly Mitchell introduced the bill to “protect the right of Black Californians to…wear their hair in its natural form, without pressure to conform to Eurocentric norms.” The Trauma, Tresses, & Truth conference is especially timely in light of this year’s racial justice movement, which has surfaced--even more--the precarity of Black lives. Attendees will leave the conference armed with the power of knowledge: not merely educational, legislative, and historical knowledge, but the knowledge that they are not alone in suffering irreverent encounters, persistent maltreatment, immodest feuding, and tyrannical dress codes about good hair versus bad hair. They will have formed new connections and lines of support with one another. And they will have had a good bit of fun while learning! Remember that Black lives don’t matter only when they’re dead. Session examples include: *Race, Stigma, and the Politics of Black Hair *Natural Hair and the Cultural Violence of Identity Erasure *When Children’s Hair Breaks School Rules *History of the The Tignon Hair Laws: A Historical Perspective *Is Hair Discrimination Race Discrimination? *How Natural Black Hair Became A Civil Rights Issue *Getting to the Root of Afrolatina Hair *The CROWN Act: An Overview of Senate Bill 188 *Pelo Malo Y Pelo Bueno: Afro Latinas Who Rose Above *Narrativa la Cicatrización: Escribe Sobre Nuestro Cabello *Headwraps, Turban & Scarf Styles *Narrative Healing: Writing Our Hair Twitter: Instagram: