The network where creators, artists and thinkers come to build - together.

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Making your ideas happen, from start to finish.

Creating is hard, but it is even harder to do it alone. As creators, we know the challenges of the creative process, so we've built cutting-edge tools and a curated peer network designed to accelerate your projects.

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Not just another network, it's a virtual workplace, thoughtfully designed for the modern creative journey.

The Shuffle Collective Experience

  • Cutting-edge tools
    Create a beautiful interactive website for your project in minutes. Let others follow with every step of your journey.
    Accountability not distraction
    Lack of structure and rhythm can be extremely challenging. Shuffle Collective helps you keep yourself accountable and focused. Set your goals, track your progress and celebrate wins!
  • Real-time connection
    Never work alone again. Join your peers in daily coworking and project check-ins to get work done and share your progress.
    Curated peer network
    Tap into a diverse, interdisciplinary and accomplished network to ask for feedback, find collaborators and make lifelong friendships. Build the team you never had.

Meet the Collective

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The network where you belong

  • 500Projects created
  • 50%Black, Indigenous & People of Color
  • 65%Women & Non-Binary

We’re a team of artists, technologists and cultural organizers who know what it takes to make big ideas happen. And we're backed by ambitious leaders behind iconic institutions.

  • Dave Eggers
  • Rebecca Walker
  • Sunny Bates
  • Kate Fowle
  • Krista Tippett
  • Reza Aslan
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Shuffle Collective Membership

Shuffle Collective currently is currently an invite-only network.

The membership is $10/month or $100/year. We also offer scholarships, so please reach out to us if you need them.

To join, please join the waitlist below or contact a current member for an invite.