Event/Horizons 2021

A global collaborative performance art project spanning thirteen months and twenty-four sites with fifty-nine collaborating artists. The project will culminate in a 13 hour performance on Nov 13th 2021.

  1. Dance
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  3. Arts & Culture
  • Inspired by the constellation Ophiucus - the 13th constellation, the sign of the serpent bearer, the healer - artists in twenty-four global sites commit to a thirteen-month durational and collaborative performance project. Artists participating in the project have set their sights in the cosmos by taking inspiration from the ‘lost’ thirteenth constellation Ophiucus and its accompanying month (November – December) which had to ‘disappear in order to accommodate the change from lunar to solar calendars. This historical fact serves as a metaphor to jointly and individually explore diverse modes of participatory and social constructions of the visible and invisible that define world views that in turn determine our engagement with ‘the world’. The fact that the constellation is that of the healer serves as an opportunity to jointly question the role of arts -artists, audiences and organizations- in the current challenges we face, challenges that were already surfacing in the arts prior to the pandemic, but have acquired urgency because of it.