Colossus: Home is a collection of Bay Area writers speaking out on the atrocities of the housing crises in Oakland and in support of Moms4housing. Editors: Sara Biel and Karla Brundage

  1. Literary Arts
  • Colossus Press is proud to introduce Colossus:Home, Colossus:Home is the second installment of an anthology series that gives voice to 70 Bay Area writers and visual artists as they respond to current political events. Colossus:Home addresses the devastating housing crisis we face as a community and as a country. Inspiration for this theme was born out of frustration with the rising number of unhoused people in the Bay Area, and by the work of the brave women at Moms4Housing. We put out a call for poetry, prose, and visual art and we met with an overwhelming response which reaffirmed the need for this vital collection. We chose “home” as the theme for our anthology. Home is a multifaceted concept. It touches on both profound joy and deep pain. The home many of us hope for gives connection, nourishment and belonging. We experience these feelings in our bodies and hearts, in the places we come back to at the end of hard or wonderful days. We need this comfort and belonging in our neighborhoods and communities. The submissions we received spoke to the presence or absence of these qualities. Colossus:Home is organized into five sections: Home Body; Home Made; Home Town; Home Land; Home Coming. Colossus:Home includes submissions from several Bay Area Poet Laureates, poet activists, and formerly unhoused writers including a blurb from devorah major (San Francisco, 2002- 2006) and and Kim Shuck (San Francisco, 2017-Current) , Maw Shein Win, (El Cerrito, 2017-2019), Sara Korbinsky (Emeryville, 2013-2015) Juania J. Martin (Fairfield, 2010), D.L. Lang (Vallejo, 2017-2019), Daniel Ari (Richmond, Current)