Paul Corman-Roberts


I'm a poet working in nearly all genres of literature. I also work extensively as an educator and organizer, both public and private. My approach to the art community is that I'm a gatecrasher, not a gatekeeper. My most recent collection of poems "BONE MOON PALACE" is available now from Nomadic Press. Please click on the link below ↓


  1. Literary Arts

    Performance & Reading, Teaching, Writing, Literary Criticism, Editing, Event Organizing
    Autobiography, Graphic Nonfiction, Lyric Essay, Memoir, Personal Narrative, Drama, Fantasy, Flash Fiction, Graphic Fiction, Humor Fiction, Horror & Gothic, Literary Fiction, Magical Realism, New Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller & Suspense, Young Adult Fiction, Criticism & Review, Opinion & Commentary, Experimental Poetry, Free Verse Poetry, Ghazal, Graphic Poetry, Haiku, Jazz Poetry, Limerick, Lyric Poetry, Narrative Poetry, Sestina, Spoken Word, Univocalic Poetry
  2. Arts & Culture

    Art History, Criticism & Review, Artist Resources, Artist Programs, Arts Education, Community Engagement
  3. Education

    Education Leadership, Educational Technology, Activism & Advocacy, Curriculum Development, Education Policy, Arts Pedagogy, Mathematic Pedagogy, Physical Education, Writing & Literature Pedagogy, Social Science Pedagogy, Science Pedagogy, Research
    Primary Education, Higher Education, Charter Education, Public Education, Vocational Education, Online Education, Private Education, Anti-Bias Curriculum, Critical Pedagogy, Inquiry-Based Learning, Indigenous Education, Open Classroom, Popular Education, Project Based Learning, Student Centered, Secondary Education, Special Education
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