Athena Corcoran-Tadd


I compose contemporary music and other things, including film music these days. I play Irish traditional music, improvise, and have been the violinist in the lovely, London-based band Cordless Kites. I am the co-writer of a feature-length film Am Ocean, in collaboration with my mother, writer-director Jennifer Corcoran.


  1. Cordless Kites

    A 6-part band based in London, they bring their diverse musical (and geographic) backgrounds together in a melange of original songs with rich vocal harmoni…

  2. The Blue Book: A Sea Diary

    A 6.5 month voyage on a 100 yr old, two-masted schooner. I kept a diary with some sketches in this beautiful, handmade paper notebook. When I ran out of spa…

    Literary Arts
  3. 5 maps in 5 dimensions

    Commissioned by Radio France's programme "Creation Mondiale", "IFF" is a composition for the Parisian ensemble "Les Possibles": 5 interconnected pieces of 2…

  4. Who cares if you play?

    Concerts, playing together, playing for an audience. This used to be as easy as it was essential. Musicians need an audience. While I'm still isolated I will…

  5. Am Ocean Feature Film

    Am Ocean is currently in pre-production.  It is the story of the entangled relationship between the ocean and a young Irish woman whose livelihood depends on…

    Cinematic Arts
  6. Zukunftanz: "and there is only the dance"

    Commissioned by Parisian ensemble, Les Possibles, for an event celebrating their 10th anniversary: a piece of 3-5 minutes, to be "danceable". I wrote ZUKUNF…

  7. Between Desert and Sea

    Commissioned by trio, flute, saxophone and classical guitar/storyteller to be performed on a sailing boat, the piece explores the moment of decision. Steppin…

  8. A Sibila - soundtrack to a feature film

    I'm currently writing the soundtrack for "The Sibyl", a Portuguese feature film currently in post-production. Based on a famous Portuguese novel of the same …

  9. An Audio Advent Calendar

    I love the simple anticipation and reward that advent calendars offer. This year, on a whim, I decided to record Dylan Thomas' classic ode to childhood and w…

    Radio and Podcast


  1. Literary Arts

    Editing, Writing, Literary Translation, Performance & Reading
    Literary Fiction, Free Verse Poetry, Promotional, Travel Writing
  2. Cinematic Arts

    Writing, Sound, Editing, Film Scoring
    Indie & Arthouse, Magic Realism, Science Fiction
  3. Music

    Irish Folk, Experimental Music, Indie Folk
  4. Travel

    Ship Travel, Bicycle Travel, Boat Living, Solo Travel
    Culture & Experiences, Food & Local Cooking, Boating & Paddling, Volunteering & Non Profit Work, Traditional & Local Industry
  5. Radio and Podcast

    Editing, Hosting, Performance, Sound Design
    Audiobook, Freeform & Experimental, Music, Experimental, Personal Narrative
    Arts & Culture, Environment, Philosophy & Thought
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