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Take your impact to the next level

Shuffle Collective for Social Impact is a membership for people working on bold projects to shape culture.

We bring together the power of community, cutting-edge tools and cohort-based programs to help your project reach maximum impact.

  • Saikat Chakrabarti
    Green New Deal, Justice Democrats
  • Dave Eggers
    Founder, 826 & Voice of Witness
  • Rebecca Walker
    Founder, Third Wave Fund
  • Craig Newmark
    Founder, Craigslist
  • David Krakauer
    Complex Systems @ Santa Fe Institute
  • Nina Simons
    Co-founder, Bioneers
  • Ayodele Nzinga
    Founder, Black Arts Movement
  • Shelly Steward
    Future of Work, Aspen
  • Sunny Bates
    TED, Human Vaccine Projct
  • See our team & advisory council
  • Project Microsites
    The easiest way to build a professional home for your project, right from the start, so you can take both your community and collaborators on your creative journey.
    Personal Microsite
    The quickest way to build a slick professional presence and a website, complete with a CV. Easy to maintain, and no coding required.
  • Peer Mentorship
    Groups designed to gain skills to level up in your creative career.
    Coworking & Support
    Circles are weekly creative coworking, feedback and support groups to keep accountable and on track with your projects.
  • Interdisciplinary
    Shuffle Collective consists of people working on over 400 bold projects across disciplines from films, to podcasts, to books to urban planning.
    Our members come from over 6 different conntries. Over half identify as Black, Indigenous & People of Color and 65% as women & non-binary.
  1. 1
    Start with an immersive onboarding pod
    Deepdive into your project goals and challenges with other creators and get set up on the Shuffle platform.
  2. 2
    Build a home for your projects
    Use Living Projects, the Shuffle Profile and Workbench to document your projects and process, for yourself and your community.
  3. 3
    Work and learn alongside with your peers
    Get help and track the projects that interest you via platform updates, regular co-working, feedback and support groups.

Featured Members

The Details

Shuffle Collective currently is an invite-only membership.

The membership is $10/month or $100/year. We also offer scholarships, so please reach out to us if you need them.

To join, please su liame for more info or contact a current member for an invite.