July 2013 - February 2014


Sonder is a trilingual (in English, Hindi, and Punjabi) mood piece about the ordinariness of life. It is a celebration of the seemingly simple, regular, and boring lives.

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  • Sonder is a trilingual (in English, Hindi and Punjabi) mood piece about ordinary lives with seemingly nothing in common who come together. It follows the story of a struggling musician, a grocery store owner, a couple volunteering at an arts foundation and a well off retired man as they each go threw their day. It is a simple and quiet narrative that film observes lives of these strangers and how their daily struggle affects their resolve, attempts to break their spirits and yet how each of their lives have a unique facet to them. -- Director's note: At the beginning of 2013, I joined an Improv theater wherein a bunch of random, disparate individuals were clubbed together to form a ‘troupe’. While practicing with them for the next few months, I couldn’t stop thinking how all of them just were regular people like myself who had nothing to do with theater or acting in their everyday life. From this experience, as well as random nights hanging out at Washington Square Park in New York and open mics in San Francisco I started thinking about how there are all these insanely talented and enthusiastic individuals who all only had one thing in common apart from this hidden passion - that you could pass them in the street and not notice them at all. That they appear as boring, regular, everyday people that we met on the streets and don’t even remember, yet each person holds some passion, some vision, something or someone that makes them light up. This film is an effort to celebrate that regular live with all the boring moments, and secret magic movements that make life worth living. Often filmmakers, looking to find the dramas, conflicts, goals and motivations - but sometimes it is simply about the quiet moments.