PHiRE chocolate

PHiRE chocolate is for supporting mental health and general well being. Made with herbs and mushrooms.

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  • Do you know how satisfying it is when someone tells you that what you made helped them out of depression? Well, it feels pretty darn good and I get to hear it every so often. This chocolate contains micro doses (.1g/dose, 12 doses) of a magic ingredient, and is great for a regular micro dosing protocol. I also offer PHiRE wonder balls for a hot delicious chocolate beverage which contain .3 and .5 g magic and a PHiRE family sized wonder ball with 1 gram. Special requests of dosage is sometimes available when intentions align with long term thriving and well being. I have also added other wonderful things to team up as a wholesome approach to mental wellness. Lions Mane mushroom- (among so many other health benefits) a natural nootropic, which means it can naturally improve your mental performance because the brain-boosting fungus increases the production of nerve growth factor (NGF). Rhodiola Rosea herb-used for anxiety, fatigue and depression for centuries. It is energizing, and clears the perception. CBD and/or CBG oil- (among innumerable benefits) aids in relaxation which is key in this and most medicines. CBG is stronger in my experience but seems to basically have the same effect as CBD. Black Pepper and/or Turmeric-natural MAO inhibitors which helps your body digest and prevent potential nausea. Other essential oils I use: rose geranium, frankincense, lavender, orange, cardamom, ylang ylang and more. I highly encourage researching these ingredients for a full understanding of their benefits. I have provided some links under Education that should be interesting. You are welcome to message me with any questions or comments as well. *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.