Make Your Own Bed and Hope For The Best

Make Your Own Bed and Hope for the Best, will be my third, solo, autobiographical show, about the many different jobs I'be had. I began working on the show, in 2019 and have been developing it with support from Camden People's Theatre and Arts Council England.

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  • Make Your Own Bed and Hope For The Best, is my third solo show, currently being developed with support from Arts Council England and Camden People’s Theatre. It’s an autobiographicl show, where I talk about all the different jobs that I’ve had, most of which were low-paid. It’s uses of combination of storytelling, live-looping, beatbox and rap. I’ve always been interested in the idea, that if you’re doing something meaningful, which makes good use of any inherent / developed skills you have, you will inevitably become a much better worker, with the wider impact of this, being, that you'll make a greater contribution to society. In December 2019, I underwent a period of research and development at Camden People’s Theatre, where I worked with Conrad Murray on the music side, Danielle Meehan as movement director, Roger Robinson on themes and Brain Logan, with dramaturgy. The process was also documented by Paraellel Motion Media In January 2020, I did an hour-long, work-in-progress performance at the Vaults Festival, however, die to COVID my previews at Camden People’s Theatre were cancelled. I'm currently re-working the show and looking to create a digital version