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Western Herbalism
Medicine Making, Education, Retail

I am deeply passionate, excited, and curious about how plants can help people with their healing process and connection to the land.


Personal Statement

I graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies community herbalist training in 2017. During my studies I was lucky enough to be able to live on Campus in one of the yurts and tend the school’s large medicinal herb garden. My focus within herbalism is on community health and accessibility. Simply put, I want to help connect people to the plants. There is a special kind of alchemy that happens when someone has the knowledge and curiosity to start healing themselves with plants. Besides being a community herbalist, I am interested in the online + design aspect of promoting herbal medicine. There are so many talented medicine makers, farmers, and herbalists doing such incredible healing work in their fields. I am interested in helping those folks create an effective online reach. I think being an herbalist myself gives me a keen understanding of how to convey the feeling of the work that they are doing and how to translate that onto an online platform.