Fiber and Textile Arts

Natural Dyeing

I love to experiment with natural dyes using plants, mushrooms, clay, minerals and even beetles. It is my dream to have a wardrobe that is mostly items I have dyed myself.


Personal Statement

I started to dip my toes into the world of natural dying during my first year of herb school. There were a few natural dye classes that were part of the curriculum. I fell in love with the alchemy of transforming plants and minerals into beautiful colors to adorn my body. My favorite things to dye are plant based fibers- things like cotton and linen. This is mostly because they are easier to find in thrift stores. I love when I am able to wear the pieces I dye, or use them in some way. Some dye stuffs I have worked with include pomegranate, cochineal, hibiscus, turmeric, dyers polypore mushrooms, poke berries, oxalis flowers, dyers chamomile, wolf lichen, oak galls, madder root, and avocado pits. One day I want to have a dye studio in my backyard. Until then, my kitchen will have to do.