• Designer
Visual Design, Illustration

Personal Statement

What even is design? What isn't design? I think about this a lot because good design is so intricately tied to what I love and what I want to do in my life, yet I can hardly describe it in a sentence. It's the gentle curve of a line, the way a shadow softens a shape or the way a great pair of jeans fit. How can I even begin to understand how that works or why it evokes certain emotions? Good design makes our world go around. I don't think I could begin to separate anything in life from design, it's such an integral part of our existence. I haven't studied design in school, but I've been studying nature patterns, leaf shapes, and ocean waves since I was a child. Ultimately I think simple is best. Strip away the unnecessary, be thoughtful and intentional, soften your eyes, and be open to how it makes you feel -- then go with it. Also, I feel like 99% of what I design is trash, haha -- but maybe one day I'll be satisfied. Until then, I'll just keep creating.