Andrea Blythe

Los Gatos

Biding my time waiting for the apocalypse by writing speculative poetry and fiction. I love to experiment with style and form, playing with filmmaking, gaming, and art. I'm also the co-host of the New Books in Poetry podcast. I'm the author of three poetry chapbooks. My work has also appeared in various online and print journals and has been nominated for awards, such as the Rhysling Award, the Pushcart Prize, and Best of the Net, among others.


  1. Twelve: Poems Inspired by the Brothers Grimm Tale

    Twelve is a retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairytale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.” Bewitching and beguiling, this short series of linked poems takes the …

    Literary Arts
  2. Every Girl Becomes the Wolf

    Collaboratively written by Laura Madeline Wiseman and Andrea Blythe, this award-winning chapbook explores the received images of the feminine in fairy tales.

    Literary Arts
  3. Your Molten Heart

    Your Molten Heart / A Seed to Hatch is a limited-edition chapbook of erasure poetry, sourced from past issues the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer.

    Literary Arts, Mixed Media Art
  4. The Catchall

    A place for thoughts, news, and announcements about all the things that don't fit within other projects. (Photo by Nikhil Mitra on Unsplash.)

    Literary Arts, Cinematic Arts, Travel, Arts & Culture
  5. New Books in Poetry Podcast

    The New Books in Poetry podcast presents interviews with published poets about their work and process. Part of the New Books Network.

    Literary Arts, Radio and Podcast
  6. Once Upon the Weird

    The woods are dark and deep and full of hungry things that creep. A home for all things horror and weird.

    Gaming, Cinematic Arts, Arts & Culture
  7. Bluebeard: An Interactive Tale

    A young woman is offered in marriage to a wealthy man, unaware that he harbors deadly secrets. Bluebeard is an interactive tale with multiple endings.

    Literary Arts, Gaming
  8. Necessary Poisons: A Chapbook of Poetically Poisonous Desires

    A collection of found poetry exploring a surreal space of identity, violence, and the universe, interwoven with nature. Words pulled from the books of Stephe…

    Literary Arts, Mixed Media Art
  9. Game Writing & Design Journey

    As I chart a path into writing and making games, here are some notes and thoughts about my journey along the way.

  10. What Lies Underneath

    Following her sister’s sudden death, a woman returns to her family home intent on learning the truth behind why both her mom and sister seemed to be trapped …

    Gaming, New Media Art


  1. Literary Arts

    Poetry, Horror & Gothic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Action & Adventure, Literary Fiction, Travel Writing
  2. Gaming

    Casual Gaming, Live Streaming
    Casual, Puzzle, Indie & Experimental, Narrative Adventures, Puzzle Adventures, Role Playing, First-Person Shooter
  3. Cinematic Arts

    Narrative Fiction
    Film History, Critical Theory, Writing
  4. Radio and Podcast

    Arts & Culture
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