Allie Rigby


Allie Rigby is a San Francisco Bay Area poet, editor, and educator. Her writing is published in Parentheses Journal, PostScript Magazine, Manzano Mountain Review, Living on Earth Radio, and more. In 2020, Allie received a Pushcart Prize nomination and a Best of the Net nomination for one of her poems. Allie earned a master’s degree in English: Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. In 2022, she accepted a year-long Fulbright grant to teach creative writing to university students in Romania. When not reading, hiking, or leading writing workshops, Allie helps authors and leaders by providing editorial guidance with Sunlight Editing. Moonscape for a Child is her first book of poetry (Bored Wolves, 2023).


  1. The Herd

    The Herd was a bimonthly literary newsletter aimed at building community and highlighting artists. We ran 30 issues.

    1. Literary Arts
  2. Moonscape for a Child

    This full-length poetry winds readers through personal and abstract memory, landscapes, depression, and blurred notions of "wild" and "wellness." A companion piece for "mental health buddies" who write to be well.

    1. Literary Arts
    2. Arts & Culture
  3. Sunlight Editing

    We help people share meaningful stories If you are a writer, leader, artist, healer, or dreamer with a story seedling, then you are in the right place.

    1. Sustainability
    2. Literary Arts
    3. Education
  4. Outdoor Education

    I started teaching as a Naturalist at Walker Creek Ranch. This work continues in new ways. Since 2014, for each week during the school year, I worked with 20-25 students during their week of outdoor education. As a program, we focused on hands-on learning and community-building.

    1. Education
    2. Sustainability
  5. Writing Workshops

    These workshops are designed to generate fresh work, play with words, and lean into a community of people who gather and share their time and kind spirits with each other.

    1. Literary Arts
    2. Education
  6. Elyssar Press

    It is a publishing company in Redlands, California. We publish books of poetry, biographies, and fiction with art.

    1. Literary Arts
  7. Mulatta: Not So Tragic

    “Mulatta—Not So Tragic?” embraces and emphasizes the importance of friendship, conversation, criticism and love between creatives. In this time, of Black Girl Magic, a book about Black Girl Friendship seems essential.

    1. Literary Arts
  8. Letterpress Collection

    I am a letterpress-inclined poet who prints with a community of artists in northern California. Each design is made with care, letter by letter, before being printed on a Vandercook Press.

    1. Literary Arts


  1. Literary Arts

    Editing, Teaching, Writing, Event Organizing, Publishing
    Narrative Poetry, Free Verse Poetry, Experimental Poetry, Speculative Poetry, Business Writing, Promotional, Opinion & Commentary, Criticism & Review, Advice, Nature Writing, Memoir
  2. Education

    Activism & Advocacy, Writing & Literature Pedagogy, Community & Engagement, Counseling & Mentorship, Education Leadership
    Outdoor Education, Project Based Learning, Student Centered, Vocational Education, Higher Education, Cross-Cultural Learning Curiculum, Online Education, Public Education
  3. Sustainability

    Education, Sustainable Living & Lifestyle, Restoration, Ecology, Advocacy & Activism, Environmental Health, Corporate Responsibility, Conservation, Environmental Justice, Environmental Art
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