Rachel Bliven


As a fine art photographer, I use my lens to challenge harmful societal norms surrounding body image. Through my artistic practice, I empower individuals to embrace their inherent beauty and strength, fostering a revolution of self-acceptance. I incorporate mixed media and artist books to explore questions of equality and representation through visual storytelling. Additionally, I express my ideas and values in mixed media and installation art. As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, I offer personalized assistance, headshots, photography, and design services. My mission is to empower artists, businesses, and non-profits to create vibrant and productive online presences. Furthermore, I also enjoy engaging in floral design and event production as other professional avenues.


  1. Photography

    Digital, Black And White, Analog, Double Exposure
    Portraiture, Fashion, Fine Art, Still Life, Surreal, Street
  2. Cinematic Arts

    Directing, Editing, Costume & Make Up, Set Design
    Dance, Art & Design, Indie & Arthouse, Experimental, Expanded Cinema
  3. Mixed Media Art

    Collage, Painting, Wood Block Stamping, Natural & Found Object Stamping, Printmaking, Assemblage
    Dioramas, Installation Art, Sculpture, Wall Art, Wearable Art
  4. Floristry

    Cut Flowers, Fair Trade Flowers, Organic Flowers, Succulents, Wild Flowers & Foliage
    Custom Arrangements, Handheld Arrangements, Vase Arrangements
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