Priya Ramchandran

Hi, I’m Priya Ramchandran. I’ve been an artist for over 30 years while pursuing a full-time career in the safe and practical world of business. In that time, I created travel sketches and illustrations of houses, buildings, storefronts, and landmarks in pencil, ink, and watercolor, and large abstracts in acrylics on canvas. To help cope with the chaos of 2020 I started sketching the places I wanted to visit once travel opened again, beloved restaurants that were closing down, then dabbled once again in watercolor painting - which turned out to be a gateway into acrylic paint markers, digital, and mixed media art. The pieces I love are available as prints and cards, and on merchandise through my online partners. In the past few years, I’ve worked with non-profits and small businesses, wineries and retail venues, pet owners, homeowners, and brides on everything from hand drawn portraits (pets, people, and houses) to collections of art, maps, postcards, and merchandise (wineries and venues.)


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