Karishma Chugani Nankani


I am a storyteller, and this translates in my work as an artist, artisan, paper-engineer, writer, illustrator and designer. I was born in Casablanca to a family of Sindhi origin, and am a global nomad. My cross-cultural background continues to inspire my work.


  1. Paper Cutting Techniques for Storytelling

    An online course on Domestika's platform showcasing my paper cutting work and featuring how to make a theatre book.

    Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Arts & Culture, Education
  2. To Night and Back · Mece la noche

    A theatre book portraying a visual journey back to the land of my ancestors through the stories and myths that they brought with them during exile and so gra…

    Paper & Book Arts, Illustration
  3. Nani's Visits · Las visitas de Nani

    An illustrated recount of memories about my maternal grandmother, Nani's life, through the historical background of the Sindhi exile, her settling down in Gh…

    Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts
  4. Las Visitas de Nani Creative Process & Exhibition

    Making the book Las Visitas de Nani was a long process. Even after the two years I spent researching & collecting information, I still needed to allow myself…

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts
  5. A world inside a sketchbook

    Through my years as an artist I have used the sketchbook as a tool for my creative process. Upon founding L'École de Papier, I formalised this process into a…

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts, Design, Education
  6. L'École de Papier

    L'École de Papier is a pedagogical project; a moveable school for creative workshops focused on traditional paper arts as well as the creative process. It is…

    Paper & Book Arts, Arts & Culture, Education
  7. Jamini Paris Window Design

    Using my paper cutting skills, I was commissioned to design the Christmas windows for the 2 boutiques of Jamini in Paris. The design was inspired by an orien…

    Paper & Book Arts, Design, Illustration
  8. Kakuarshuk

    This collection of paper cuts are illustrations of the Inuit folktale Kakuarshuk, recompiled in Angela Carter's marvellous collection of fairy tales. The sto…

    Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts, Arts & Culture, Social Justice
  9. A little Story About How I Like to Tell Stories

    This little illustrated manual describes my method for housing a project inside a sketchbook.

    Paper & Book Arts, Arts & Culture, Illustration, Literary Arts, Design
  10. This Body is Human

    The images for This Body is Human · written by Grassa Toro and published by Biblioteca La Cala · were made by layering paper cut silhouettes, illuminated by …

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts
  11. Wild Women Paper Cut Series

    During the 1st lock-down in 2020, I reconnected to a creative source that wanted to be heard for a long time. I picked up my pair of scissors & some deliciou…

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Design
  12. My First Paper Cutting Project

    In 1996, in my first weeks at Central Saint Martins studying a Foundation in Art & Design, I make this paper cut accordion alphabet book in an afternoon. It'…

    Paper & Book Arts, Illustration
  13. Songs of the Jungle

    This book is a silk-screen edition publication of my own version of Kipling's Jungle Book accompanied by some of his original songs. I had started the projec…

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts
  14. Inside a Creative Notebook: Explore Your Illustration Process

    Unlock your creativity with illustration techniques to record and develop your creative process for artistic projects A sketchbook is a fundamental tool in a…

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts, Design, Education
  15. Paper Playground: Create a Paper Cut Picture Book

    This course on Domestika works an entire children's paper cut picture book inside a sketchbook before extracting it out into the world in the form of a maque…

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts, Design, Education
  16. Cortège

    I begin with a pair of hands, scissors, & a sheet of paper. The act of cutting links this action to ancestral playing. The creation of a silhouette transform…

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Social Justice
  17. Unlock your Creativity with Mind Mapping

    An artist mentoring program through mind mapping specially designed for Shuffle members and given through 3 zoom sessions spread over 3 months.

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Literary Arts, Design, Social Justice
  18. Cortège: Virtual Exhibition Tour & Artist Talk

    I am thrilled to invite you to my event: ​​​​​​​​ CORTÈGE Virtual Exhibition & Artist Talk. CORTÈGE comprises of 40 paper cuttings suspended on tree branches…

    Arts & Culture, Paper & Book Arts, Illustration, Social Justice, Literary Arts, Education
  19. The Walking Tree

    This is a fable about a tree who discovered that she could walk, and what she saw and felt.

    Cinematic Arts, Paper & Book Arts, Literary Arts


  1. Arts & Culture

    Arts Education
  2. Paper & Book Arts

    Book Design, Paper Engineering, Collage, Stamping
  3. Illustration

    Marker, Pen, Pencil, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Ink
  4. Literary Arts

    Writing, Publishing
    Personal Narrative, Memoir, Graphic Nonfiction, Autobiography
  5. Design

    Fashion Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
  6. Social Justice

    Education, Programs & Services, Socialy Engaged Art
    Children & Youth, Fat Liberation, Body Positivity, Gender & Sexuality
  7. Education

    Arts Pedagogy, Research
    Online Education
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