Francis Bliven


I try to make creative expressive pots. I want people to respond to my work in an emotional way. I want them to be able to get to know my work as they use it over a long period of time.  My work is always changing and I am always learning. I have no static style, because there isn't one that can hold the range of expression that comes through me. I love to teach. I love the vulnerability and intimacy that comes from sharing a moment of learning with someone. I want to support the delicate process of growth and transformation.


  1. Ceramics

    Tableware, Tile, Home Decor, Cookware
  2. Culinary Arts

    Food Chemistry, Casual Dining, Street Food, Gourmet & Fine Dining, Specialty & Prepared Foods
    Fusion Cuisine, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Ethiopian
  3. DIY

    Sewing, Home Repair & Renovation, Butchery, Dehydrating, Canning, Massage
  4. Woodworking

    Furniture Making, Joinery, Carpentry
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