Dena Rod


Dena Rod is a non-binary poet whose work has been highlighted in My Shadow is My Skin: Voices from the Iranian Diaspora, Butter Press, and Imagoes: A Queer Anthology. Their debut poetry collect, Scattered Arils, is now out from Milk & Cake Press and sold out of its first print run in 2 weeks. In 2020, Dena toured with Sister Spit, debuted the chapbook swallow a beginning, and joined The Rumpus‘s features team. A fellow of Kearny Street Workshop’s Interdisciplinary Writer’s Lab, Dena writes to illuminate their experiences in the Iranian American diaspora and queer communities through creative nonfiction essays and poetry. Connect with Dena at


  1. Literary Arts

    Editing, Performance & Reading, Writing, Comparative Literature
    Autobiography, Memoir, Personal Narrative, Free Verse Poetry, Narrative Poetry, Spoken Word
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