Beulah Vega

Beulah Vega is a horror writer, political poet, and (overworked) theatrical artist living and working in California’s Bay Area. She is an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association and her stories have appeared in Nightmare Whispers, Dark Celebration, Infection, The Legends of Night, Extreme Drabbles of Dread, Haunts & Hellions, and Good Southern Witches. Her poetry has been published in Fae Dreams, The Literary Nest, The Cauldron Anthology, Sage Cigarettes, Resist! With Every Inch and Breath, The Tuna Fish Journal, Hallowzine, Walled Women Voices against Violence, and Blood & Bourbon among others. Her poems have also been performed as part of the Bay Area WTF festival in “Heroines, Harpies, and Harlots: A Woman Speaks” and the Cloverdale Performing Arts “Dead Poet Society, Players in a Pandemic”. She specializes in work that gives voice to those traditionally marginalized in literary and performing arts. And occasionally she writes a book of love poems. She is still amazed when people refer to her as a writer, every time.


  1. Theatre

    Theatre Production, Directing, Production Management
    Documentary Theatre, Experimental Theatre, New Works, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Edwardian, Elizabethan, Postmodernism, Commedia Dell'arte, Postcolonial
  2. Literary Arts

    Horror & Gothic, Magical Realism, Experimental Poetry, Free Verse Poetry, Spoken Word
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