Mission & Values

Shuffle Collective’s mission is to provide you with the tools, inspiration and network to move you forward in your passions.

Healthy, Intimate, and Thoughtful

Shuffle Collective considers itself to be part of the 'Slow Web' movement. To us, that means promoting healthy and thoughtful interactions that help you grow in your interests and pursuits, rather than simply depleting your attention. To that end, we aim to shape a culture around meaningful discourse by discouraging vanity metrics, encouraging context over simplicity, and cross-pollination over filter bubbles, both within and amongst fields. In this way, we facilitate connections based on shared interests rather than shared social circles.

Commitment to community

Shuffle Collective is committed to creating a company that gives back to the community and is transparent in how it operates. Shuffle Collective will publish yearly reports of important information such as employee pay ratios and community impact.


Shuffle Collective is committed to creating an environment where diversity can thrive. From the way we hire and do outreach, to the product features such as reporting and privacy, we strive to continue to evolve and change the landscape of social networking.

Shuffle is a Benefit Corporation

Shuffle Collective aims to use its income and influence to make a positive impact on the world. We believe that companies should be held to higher standards, and that making a positive impact should be more important than focusing mostly on profits. This is why we are a Public Benefit Corporation. Benefit Corporations are a new way to form companies that build social responsibility and positive social impact into their legal structure.

Our Business Model

Shuffle Collective has a membership model. We charge $4.44/month (or $44.44/year). This membership fee allows us to create a non-exploitative and sustainable business model. It allows us to focus our energy on producing the best tools and resources for all of our members. No one is turned for inability to pay, just reach out to us at founders at shuffle dot do. We are committed to never hosting advertisements on Shuffle Collective or allowing brands to use Shuffle Collective to promote their commodities. We aim for Shuffle Collective to be intimate space, focused on people, their crafts and their conversations. Choosing not to host ads allows us to focus our energy and resources on our members, rather than on advertisers. And let’s be honest, ads suck.

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