Community Guidelines

Help us create a space we would all enjoy, by adhering to the basic guidelines below and by calling our attention to any content or interaction on Shuffle Collective that seems questionable. If you have any suggestions, please email us at [email protected]

Shuffle Collective is meant to be an environment where you can feel safe enough to post personal parts of your life, and participate in thoughtful discussion around the things that matter most to you. We feel that interacting with diverse perspectives is a key component to creative growth and intellectual stimulation. We are also aware that the free speech of a few people can lead to the silencing of many. A space that is only safe (or comfortable) for dominant voices, is not one we believe to be truly inclusive. It is important to us that people from all walks of life feel that their voice is valued here. We believe it is absolutely possible to discuss important and complex issues in a way that is mindful and respectful of others who may have very different perspectives and backgrounds. Though we hope it will not be necessary, we will draw the line around content or behavior which violates these guidelines. Our first step will often be to email you, in order to better understand the context and intent behind your post. However, we do reserve the right to take action without warning to remove a post, or block a user in the following situations.

Harassment, Hate Speech, and Violence

Basically, we just ask that you be respectful and don't do the following: - Do not harass others. - Do not make violent threats or statements that incite violence. - Do not promote hateful ideas, especially on the basis of factors such as race, class, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, body size, religion, disability, or age. This includes any use of hate speech directed at an individual or group. - Do not share an individual’s private information or aggregate their public information. Doxing is not permitted on Shuffle Collective. You can obviously disagree with others, but just do it respectfully. Don’t make attacks that address a person rather than their idea. Let’s be real, ad hominems are too easy to deliver and add nothing to the argument.

Off-Topic Content, Spam, and Automated Posts

One of our top aims is to improve the relevance and quality of content in the community. In order to do this, we ask that you post content that is relevant to the field or community you are posting into. Content that is flagged as off-topic may be removed. Additionally, please refrain from automating posts, 'spamming' or repeatedly posting the same content or links.

Glorification of Self Harm, Violence or Perversion

We encourage people to connect and seek support around issues where a public discourse is often lacking, like depression/suicide, self-destructive behavior, and recovery. However, when these things are glorified, it makes the problem more difficult to overcome, both for individuals who are struggling with these conditions and for society as a whole. Therefore, please do not post content that glorifies or promotes self-harm. This includes content that encourages others to injure or cut themselves; condones anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or encourages suicide. Additionally, any content that can be classified as gore, mutilation, bestiality, or necrophilia, will be suspended.

Harm to Minors

Be thoughtful in posting anything where a minor is involved or may be impacted in some way. Youth endure enough as it is. Do not post anything that puts a minor at risk. Posting or soliciting sexually suggestive or violent content related to minors is illegal, and will be addressed accordingly. Bullying, whether you are a minor or an adult, will not be tolerated on Shuffle Collective.

Fraud and Deceptive Impersonation

Do not create profiles of other people, unless it is clear from the profile that it is a parody account. Also, please don't post deceptive or misleading links in your posts.

Copyright and Privacy Violations

Do not copy the work of others without giving credit where it’s due. Respect the copyrights and trademarks of others.