About Us

Shuffle is a new kind of a social network, rethought from the ground up to connect all people across every field and interest. We connect people based on what they have in common, and offer a radically different way to represent themselves and showcase what they do. It is powered by the Interest Genome Project, the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of interests.

On Shuffle, you can showcase your work in a clean and beautiful way, and connect with others with whom you have the most in common. We’ve built the world’s largest and most interconnected database of interests and fields, the The Interest Genome Project, which allows us to connect people based on what they have in common.

Shuffle is our vision of a more thoughtful, meaningful online space.

We believe this new era of work requires a new way of thinking about how we represent ourselves. Your profile is like your personal website with a section for each of the things you do, where you can write about your work in depth. Powered by our database of interests, our hyper-relevant feed finds you an audience that truly gets what you do.

Shuffle is currently invite-only

Members can invite you, or you can request one here.