Shuffle Collective is a modern professional network of inspiring, diverse and multi-disciplinary people working on projects at the forefront of their field. We provide a robust online platform, offline events and member-only opportunities designed entirely to support you and your passions. Our aim is to bridge the gap between what you love and what you do, and provides you the tools and resources you need to succeed in following your passion.

Why Shuffle?

The zeitgeist of work and life is changing. Unlike ever before, we are beginning to prioritize and follow our passions, investing our time, energy and resources in them. We drive meaning, purpose and identity from them, rather than relegate them to a trivializing box of ‘hobbies’. We are even creating side-hustles which we believe is just the first step towards being able to follow them sustainably. Yet, as we live this lifestyle, we have felt the need for fundamentally different tools than that exist today. We need tools that understand that creating is hard, and that nobody creates in a vacuum. We need tools that think about the needs of creative and independent workers. We need tools that understand the relationship between the online and offline world, must be fluid rather than disconnected. We need tools that help us focus back on our craft rather than always selling it. We need tools that reflect this new ethos, so we are building them. With Shuffle Collective, we are cultivating a multidisciplinary network of artists, creatives, and independent workers carving out our own path. Join us!