Tonya Moore

Tonya Moore


Literary Arts

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Creative Writing, Copywriting, Technical Writing, Self Publishing, Copyediting, Line Editing, Proofreading, Developmental Editing, Performance & Reading
Personal Narrative, Autobiography, Art & Culture, Communication, Esoteric & Occult, Folklore + Myth, Personal Development, Philosophy + Thought, Action & Adventure, Afrofuturism, Children's Fiction, Fantasy, Flash Fiction, LGBTQ+ Fiction, Literary Fiction, Magical Realism, New Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Business Writing, Opinion & Commentary, Promotional, Criticism & Review, Free Verse Poetry
Jamaican, African American, European North American, Native American, Latinx, Mexican, Native Hawaiian, Asian American, Arctic & Inuit


Personal Statement

I love to write. I love the weight and flexibility of words. I love the infinite possibilities and magic that can be wrought from just the right combination of them.