Teri Knox

Teri Knox

West Sacramento


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Lifestyle, Wildlife, Landscape, Cloudscape, Nature, Night Photography, Underwater, Botanical, Adventure, Street, Fashion
Digital, Black And White

I take a lot of pictures and some of them turn out pretty okay, by my eye. I’ve spent a lot of time in the company of photographers that I admire… and they have helped currate this eye of mine… I’m still currating.

Personal Statement

I take a bunch of pictures, espcially in this age of digital. I don’t do so well taking pictures of people since as a little kid I hated my pict being taken. I like things and stuff and parts of people… and I try. Some of places I have been are cooler than the pix that I take… And I’m working on it. I have been gifted decent toys and I use them… as I can. Here we go.