Teri Knox

Teri Knox

West Sacramento


  • Apprentice
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  • Artist
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  • Blacksmith
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  • Entrepreneur
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  • Welder
Iron, Steel
Blacksmithing, Arc Welding, Gas Welding, Fabrication
Installation Art, Home Fixtures, Sculpture, Furniture, Wall Art, Signs

I am currently in the process of getting my Associates of Science in Welding at American River College. In the midst I’ve picked up a little blacksmithing and I like it.

Personal Statement

My metal world started rocking when (for random reasons) I decided to become a welder. I worked in a family owned ducting shop in Long Island where I became an apprentice MIG welder. I got the bug there and it stuck with me. When I moved to Sacramento and found one of the top five welding schools in the nation… I went for it. Through the program I’ve done stick welding, mig welding, fluxcore welding and I’m working on my tig welding. Currently I’m 2 semesters/3 classes away from my Associates in Welding at ARC. I’ve done some art with it… fun. I’ve taken up blacksmithing… My midevilest heart screams out "more fun”. More metal, more metal. I’m looking forward to being a fabricator… of a type.