Malcolm Gin

Malcolm Gin


Spirits and Distillation

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Part of my love of food extends to my younger exposure to science, and they mix in my experience with mixology, bitters-making, and related experiments and arts.

Personal Statement

I have a background in Chemistry. I have a B.S. in Chemistry, and I did some graduate work in Physical Chemistry but did not finish that degree. In non-scientific life, I’ve always been sort of predisposed to and interested in spirits, mixology, and distillation. I only wish distillation were actually legal to do without special licenses and facilities in the US. But I’m a great admirer of mixology and am a dedicated amateur cocktails buff. Almost every Sunday we have cocktails with Mom in the evening. My BarNotes profile catalogs many, but not all, of my cocktails. Some are bog-standard. Others were modified to suit what I had on hand, or to suit my guests’ tastes. When I’m flush, I’m always on the lookout for new tastes, liqueurs, digestives, bitters, liquors, and cocktail recipes.