Malcolm Gin

Malcolm Gin



  • Student

3D printing through Shapeways, wire and findings. Work in small time beading and jewelry repair. Stamped metal mini sculptures and other hobby stuff. Knife sharpening (40 years pro-am).

Personal Statement

My greatest work in Metalworking is in knife sharpening, which I’ve done throughout my life for more than 40 years, starting with a simple file steel, then moving on to stone- and block-based sharpening. I started with one handed European styles with stones and blocks but largely now use Japanese two-handed styles. I don’t do this professionally, but I take it very seriously as a hobbyist/enthusiast, and occasionally do get paid for sharpening friends’ knives for professional use in commercial kitchens and restaurants. I also do some jewelry fixing around the house, replacing broken or worn findings and other detail work. And I have occasionally (using Shapeways) printed 3D models in metal.