Romy Hologram

Romy Hologram

San Francisco


  • Photographer
Digital, Lo Fi, Analog
Environmental Portraiture, Studio Portraiture, Travel, Landscape, Cloudscape, Botanical, Underwater, Adventure, Still Life, Boudoir, Street, Experimental, Macro, Abstract

approaching photography as an ongoing, day-to-day mindfulness challenge.. “what wants my attention right now? what is beautiful here?"

Personal Statement

Like any creative process, photography is a form of magic to me. I’m passionate about the ability of a photo to both preserve memory and create a new way of looking at familiar things, and my goal is always to be more open to the potential of any space or object to present itself in a different way. I like to explore evoking a feeling of ethereality through different forms of light, translucence, natural phenomena, and gesture. I’m interested in tapping into the human perception of divinity and what may lie beyond the veil, while seeing the earth as a deeply powerful realm in itself. While I’m constantly learning more about all aspects of film and digital photography, I’m excited about the accessibility that smartphones bring into the field of photography. I started getting into photos back in the early days of Instagram when there were more avid photo challenge communities (my first winning photo was a closeup of Romanesco broccoli fractals), so I feel strongly about the positive role that social media and other communities can play in supporting creativity and skill building.