Romy Hologram

Romy Hologram

San Francisco

Outdoor Adventure

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Hiking, Tent Camping, Backpacking, Bikepacking
Traditional Outdoor Skills, Emergency & Survival Skills, Wild Food Harvesting, Minimalist Adventuring, Food Drying & Preparation, Nature Observation, Outdoor Education, Solo Adventuring

exploring survivalism, closer connection with nature, and wilderness in general

Personal Statement

Solo biking and camping are hobbies that I undertake as often as I can. My longest bike trip was about 150 miles over the course of three days, but I dream of biking through the northern states for a summer— I love visiting national parks and experiencing the languid, scenic challenge of a solo trip. I’m interested in ultralight backpacking and excited about the possibilities of making my own gear and learning more about wilderness survival. I also follow many solo women hikers on social media and live voraciously through their stories of hiking the PCT and AT, which I would love to do as well.