Romy Hologram

Romy Hologram

San Francisco

Birth Work

  • Doula
Birth Assistance, Postpartum Care, Prenatal Care
Birth Preparation, Natural Birth, Nutrition, Herbal Therapies, Birth Trauma Recovery, Underserved Populations

passionate about reproductive rights and inclusive, patient-centered care.

Personal Statement

The more I’ve learned about doula work, the more I have come to see it as a spiritual practice. A doula in any setting must be completely present, respecting and honoring whatever comes up in the moment. They hold the intention of supporting a sacred space throughout a transformational journey as a guide, advocate, and nurturer. I became interested in birth work after reading Spiritual Midwifery, which I came across randomly in a bookstore one day and then couldn’t put it down. It details the experiences of home birth as a normal, even enjoyable experience and gives anyone with a child-bearing body a greater awareness of the possibilities that exist for them around birth. Although I read it as a teenager with no intention of bearing a child, I was delighted by the realization that birth is a natural process. It was incredibly liberating to see stories of women who disregarded the cultural conditioning of fear around pregnancy and were able to feel safe and empowered. Since then, my interest in a holistic approach to reproductive health has only grown. I’m passionate about bringing support and resources into environments that normally view birth as a medical event rather than a natural process. I’m excited about nurturing safe spaces for people to find their own power and follow their own instincts. As a queer and non-binary person myself, I’m interested in finding language and practices within the birth community that reflect the reality that not everyone with child-bearing bodies will have the same gender, family structure, or experiences. I am trained as a full-spectrum doula, which means that I can provide support during a birth or an abortion. I’ve also done some in-home post-partum care for new mothers.