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Comic, Figure Drawing, Illustrative Drawing, Portraiture, Sketching


Personal Statement

My drawing practice is influenced by explicitly sex positive, queer, feminist contexts and concerns. Through portraiture I include myself along with a whole cast of fictional and real animals and hybridic creatures in invented narratives. These narratives use fanciful calligraphic text and a blurring of scientific data on animal sexuality and gender behavior to retell stories from art history and queer history. I began drawing animals by imagining a sex utopia for my alter ego, Poppers the Pony. I wondered what it would look like if humans were socialized less like humans and more like bonobo monkeys bottlenose dolphins. In this sex utopia, historically vilified animals, like the spotted hyena, receive queer, punk narratives. I strive to present inclusive views of sexuality with humor and beauty while examining the connections between transgressive aesthetics, philosophy, and politics. I began utilizing humor in my art as a disarming tool to engage cultural outsiders as well as to allow cultural insiders the experience of seeing themselves depicted in art. In the early 2000s I participated in a dyke erotica literary collective. The laughter I provoked would let me know I was engaging the audience and this delighted me. I’ve observed that when people can laugh with me, they grow less intimidated which often leads to continued focus on and discussion of my art. As an introverted artist, I love to be the voyeur observing the exhibitionism of my very own drawings facing an audience.