New Media Art

  • Artist
Visual Storytelling, Immersive Art
Internet & Software Art, Virtual Reality, Expanded Cinema

I think of my interest in New Media Art in two distinct forms . (1) Technology as an art, and (2) Immersive & Interactive Storytelling.

Personal Statement

My work on Shuffle, to me, is an example of my interest in Technology as an art. It builds upon the ideas expressed in Software Art, and expresses the idea that making technological products is a form of self-expression with the same artistic goals, intents, and elements that you’d find in any other artistic medium. At the same time, it stands out from other mediums, in that, interactivity and engagement with the audience is a key part of that art-form. I’m also attracted to the idea of immersive & interactive storytelling which brings together different mediums to create a new form of storytelling. I’m looking to experiment with ideas that combine video, audio, internet, apps, and eventually VR to see how storytelling can evolve  while building on the best traditions of those mediums.