Ashley Noel

Ashley Noel



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Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese Herbalism, Native American Herbalism
Cultivation, Wild Crafting, Medicine Making, Education

Personal Statement

My passion for herbal medicine first arose as a young girl, who spent her summers exploring the wild places surrounding her Northwest home. Many sweet days were spent amongst the wild lakes, meadows, and mountains | collecting sun-kissed freckles and interesting plants to take home & discover. This curiosity later developed into a thriving interest in holistic health, herbal medicine, and sustainable agriculture, which I further pursued through schooling, accreditation programs, and various apprenticeships. From receiving my BA in ecology & sustainability from the Evergreen State College, apprenticing under a diverse array of herbalists & organic farmers throughout North America, attending multiple workshops & conferences, to studying herbal medicine in depth at The School of Tradition Western Herbalism. It is there that I gained a strong foundational knowledge of herbal medicine and also studied holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, TCM, & Ayurveda. With still a lifetime of experience & knowledge to gain, I humbly continue to pursue that which inspires & ignites this passion within me.