Outdoor Adventure

  • Hiker
Tent Camping, Backpacking, Day Hiking
Rock Climbing

I love rock climbing. I love the feeling of becoming one with the rock. You lean into it, explore its grooves, and you trust it with your life. It’s quite intimate really. I also enjoy hiking and camping with friends. Nature’s the best!

Personal Statement

Growing up I always loved rock climbing. On family trips I’d always climb high trees, rock piles, and cliffs, despite it scaring my parents incredibly. As I got older I went to climbing Summer camps and learned how to belay. I’ve done a little rock climbing as an adult, but I’d love to rediscover it as a passion because I know it’s still there inside me. I’m hoping being a part of this community will inspire me to get gear and find climbing buddies. My family went camping and hiking a lot growing up. As an adult I do small day hikes, and have dabbled in some multiple day camp hiking. I love being outdoors with friends.