Dorian Katz's CV



Stanford University
July 2009 - May 2011 
Art Practice, Studio Art with focus on drawing and installation
UC Santa Barbara
July 1988 - April 1991 
Santa Barbara
Studio Art, drawing, mixed media, sculpture

Community Affiliations

December, 2017
Woman of the Year/San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance/ San Francisco
Gallery Director & Board Member/Center for Sex and Culture/ San Francisco
Gallery Director, 2011-2018 and board member 2017 to present
Leather Cultural District Legislation Committee, 2017 - 2018
January, 2020
Literary Artist in Residence/Shuffle Collective

Published Artwork & Comics

November, 2021
To Be a Jewish Dyke in the 21st Century/Sinister Wisdom/ Florida
April, 2020
A View from the Easel During Times of Quarantine/Hyperallergic
April, 2020
The Quarantine Zine/Taylor Kuether
December, 2019
Her Pangolin Majestic/The Stage Mirror
Illustration for permanent use as graphics in Grace Lavery’s E-newsletter
January, 2019
Radical Jewish Calendar 5780/ Olympia
January, 2018
LGBT Resistance Fighters of WW2 Coloring Book/Stacked Deck Press/ Walnut
January, 2018
Kid Unfriendly, Issues 1-6
Self-published mini comics
May, 2018
Butch Coloring Book, Vol 2/Stacked Deck Press/ Walnut
January, 2017
Butch Coloring Book, Vol 1/Stacked Deck Press/ Walnut
January, 2016
Sensitive Outsider Artist, Alphabet/Stacked Deck Press/ Walnut
January, 2016
Box of Books, Vol IX/Tiny Splendor & Darin Klein/ Los Angeles
March, 2016
How I Explored My Gender Identity Through Pony Play/Harlot Media/ Oakland
Illustration to story by Brandy Lewis
January, 2015
Animal Sex Activity & Coloring Book
Self-published zine
January, 2016
Poppers’ the Pony’s Field Guide to Horses
Self-published zine
January, 2014
Sex Still Spoken Here/Sex & Culture Press/ San Francisco
January, 2012
Hyena/Mikita Brottman/ London
Reaktion Books
January, 2011
Salome’s Modernity/Petra Dierkes-Thrun/ Ann Arbor
University of Michigan Press
January, 2009
Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues/Loren Rhoads/ New York
January, 2008
The Human Pony/Rebecca Wilcox
Greenery Press
June, 2022
Shower with Affection 2/Raw Meat Collective/ Brooklyn
July, 2022
Yellow Is the Warmest Color/Trash Panda Fun Zone

Group Exhibitions

May, 2020
Midnight Moon/Raw Meat Collective/ New York
Online exhibition
April, 2020
What are you currently making? Coronavirus Show/Borderline Art Collective/ San Francisco
Online exhibition
January, 2020
Viva La Vulva/111 Minna/ San Francisco
September, 2019
Twisted Windows/SOMArts/ San Francisco
June, 2019
Stonewall 50 Years/Harvey Milk Photo Center/ San Francisco
May, 2019
Every Woman Biennial/La Mama Gallery/ New York
May, 2019
Queers & Comics Conference/School of Visual Arts/ New York
March, 2019
Queer Sex Workers’ Art Show/Brew/ Santa Rosa
June, 2018
What makes you queer?/Roslin Art Gallery/ Glendale
April, 2018
Art, Utopia & Other Big Dreams by Poppers the Pony/University of California, Berkeley/ Berkeley
Performance commissioned for Ev’ry Body, This Time: a Sexuality Studies Conference
June, 2017
Pages of the Butch Coloring Book/Mermaid Tattoo Studio/ San Francisco
December, 2016
Nasty Women/Omi Gallery/ Oakland
June, 2017
ISO Queer Gods/Root Division/ San Francisco
February, 2016
Deviance/Liminal Space/ Oakland
August, 2015
The Dog and Pony Show,/Antebellum Gallery/ West Hollywood
May, 2015
LGBT Comics and Zine Show/Cartoon Art Expo/ San Francisco
June, 2015
Glitterbomb/SOMArts/ San Francisco
June, 2014
LadyFest/MOCO Gallery/ Oakland
March, 2014
Work MORE 6#/SOMArts/ San Francisco
November, 2012
Trans/Post/William Way LGBT Community Center Galler/ Philadelphia
September, 2012
How to Read a Book: an artists’ book reading room/Lawton Gallery/ Green Bay
University of Wisconsin- Green Bay
March, 2012
Uncensored: Queer Art and the Church/Leslie-Lohman Museum/ New York
February, 2012
March 2012 Momentum/Gallery 825/ Los Angeles
August, 2011
Neither Here Nor There/ARC/ San Francisco
June, 2011
Queer It Yourself/SOMArts/ San Francisco
May, 2011
Scramble/Thomas Welton Stanford Gallery/ Stanford
April, 2011
Sincerely Yours/Baer Ridgway Exhibitions/ San Francisco
March, 2011
At Bay II: Phelan, Murphy, Cadogan Award Exhibition/Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley/ Berkeley
October, 2010
Bestiary/Million Fishes/ San Francisco
June, 2010
Lineage: Matchmaking in the Archive/SOMArts/ San Francisco
January, 2010
Devil-May-Care/Thomas Welton Stanford Gallery/ Stanford
July, 2021
Hierarchy/Gearbox Gallery/ Oakland
October, 2021
Dreams Emerging, Beyond Resilience/SOMArts / San Francisco
Installation made with the collective of artists we call The Smokey Mirror Society
April, 2022
Mischievious Mythcreants/Uma Gallery/ Oakland
June, 2021
We Are Everywhere: a Pride Art Show/Clay Club House/ Oakland

Solo Exhibitions

January, 2019
Come See My Stuff: Drawings by Poppers the Pony/ San Francisco
At Wicked Grounds
September, 2018
Poppers’ Petting Zoo/ San Francisco
Commissioned installation for Airtight, the Stud, San Francisco, Folsom Sunday,
August, 2018
Equuis: International Pony Play Event/Sanctuary LAX/ Lennox
June, 2017
Art Practice Makes Art Pervert/Center for Sex and Culture/ San Francisco
November, 2011
People we know/Center for Sex and Culture/ San Francisco
September, 2008
The Hyena Report/Micro Climate Project Space/ San Francisco
July, 2007
Poppers' Shopper: paintings for the adventurous animal/Glama-Rama/ San Francisco


March, 2018
Poppers the Pony Art/Body Impolitic
By Debbie Notkin
May, 2018
January, 2018
#36 Dorian Katz/#100days100women/ United Kingdom
A blog celebrating women artists, by Henry Martin
May, 2017
Art Practice Makes Art Pervert: Meet the Artist
By Maya Peers Nitzberg
August, 2017
An international queer art project and collective, by Stiofan O’Ceallaigh