August 2019 - Present

Nature Writing Workshops

This is my favorite part of writing: the community of writers sharing space and creating together. I offer three main workshops right now: Writing the Self Wild, Writing to Heal, and Poetry & Placemaking for Educators. Please contact me for customized workshops and retreats.

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  • In any workshop, I enter the space as both a student and a teacher. It's important to me that I hold a space that is welcoming, warm, and challenging too. I love when people lose track of time during these workshops, because we are so immersed in each other's work, dialogue, and ideas. I often begin these workshops with a grounding meditation, and asking questions like, "what if we could also write more freely without judging our own writing?" So many times, I meet people who want to write, and have written on/off their entire life, and also had to deal with that "inner critic" that follows their pen across the page. I hope these spaces invite that "inner critic" to take a deep breath and chill out, even if just for a bit. I hope these shared spaces and workshops continue to be opportunities to learn from each other, to play with words, and to celebrate the "ah-ha" moments that surprise us in each other's works and our own. If anything, I hope these writing workshops remind people and myself that our words matter, on both an individual and collective level.