Sewing New Throw Pillow Cases

I decided as my first real sewing project to try and make new pillow case covers for our throw pillows. Our old ones didn’t have removable covers and I have two dogs, so that was the biggest requirement for the new ones. I also wanted to try and use the guts of the old pillows so as not to be wasteful.

One of my favorite bloggers , Annie had a post about envelope style pillow case covers, so I decided to give it a shot.

Two full days of work later and I’m finally done!

It started in earnest last Sunday:

Mike was working on soldering some circuit boards he made and I set to taking apart the old pillows.

Unfortunately the inner lining of the pillows was sewn to the outside covers. This meant that after I took them apart, I had to sew the inner lining back together around the insides unless I wanted pillow guts exploding every time I took off my newly made covers. That turned out to not be too difficult, but it was definitely time consuming.

I didn’t realize that the most time consuming thing about sewing is measuring, cutting and pinning the fabric. Mike was the one that taught me to sew so he was giving me a hard time about how many pins I was using. But it was my first sewing project, so I was being extra careful.

When it came to actually sewing the covers together, it was a little bit of a disaster. About every two inches or so, the threads would get all tangled in a spaghetti mess. This did however afford me the opportunity to practice threaded the machine about a million times. So eventually around 9pm last Sunday I called it a day. I have since heard that there may have been a problem with the needle, thread, fabric combination I was using.

But yesterday I was finally able to finish sewing the covers. Next step, dying them!

That was a bit more fun because who doesn’t like getting to play with pretty colors. After dying them, I laid them out into the sun to dry:

But of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I felt the line on the teal cover was a little crooked, so I decided to try and even it out and in the process ended up dunking the whole cover in the dye. This screwed up the fade effect I was trying to go for, but I decided who cares, they’re at least better than the old gross covers that used to be on the pillows before.

I think I might go back and try and dye the teal one a little darker on the bottom, but ultimately I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.