Natural WIne Education

I’ve been working in the wine industry for 28 years as a buyer, writer, entrepreneur and educator. I’m teaching a class at 18 Reasons on Dymystifying Natural Wine on October 10th and if you are interested, please check it out (link below.) However, I want to talk to people who are interested in wine, in general, to get a better sense of what their thoughts are when it comes to natural wine. Please be candid.

Natural wine has certainly upped the overall quality of winemaking throughout the world and since it became “a thing,” it has been a subject of fascination. With a lot of sommeliers coming on board, natty juice is becoming more popular, yet it is often misunderstood by the press, industry professionals, and wine drinkers. It’s hard to peg down a universally accepted definition of natural wine, but in this class, we’ll discuss the commonly accepted prerequisites, as well as the debatable aspects of these wines. And of course, we’ll also taste a bunch to help explain what makes them different.