Here are two panos from my trip to CO for a family wedding. The first is after we recovered enough from altitude sickness to climb up a gondola trail at Breckenridge to go for a walk with our friends. I took lots of panos and then requested that everyone get together (except me the photographer) for a environmental photo. The slope was steep and the view immense as this was over 15 seamed images with > 200 degrees of view. Because the original pics were taken with a large sensor sony, the final image size is about 5 feet in length.

After a while, everyone became tolerant to my panos — perhaps because its weird that most of the shots are not taken directly but a full sweep through the scene — and as such, I noted that everyone was just not noticing me anymore — perfect. I have been trying to do this with my family, who usually give me a dirty look and then tolerate me, until the picture is appreciated and then they love it. How weird is self perception.

So, when we were done with the walk and recouperating from the feeling of losing your cell phone on the hike (was found just prior to getting on the down gondola), I was watching how quiet my friends were and absorbed in…. I decided to try another pano within the gondola, which I never thought would work because of such tight quarters and the difficulty of changes between shots of people. I quess everyone was so enthralled in the trip that they did not move and did not even notice that I took a picture. Now that I am posting it, everyone seems sort of down — perhaps it was just the altitude and descent or the expectation of improved breathing.