Getting ready for a soda firing!

I am pouring a traditional Shino glaze over my pots for decoration.

This Shino glaze is one of the oldest and most basic kinds of glaze. It is just made of clay and feldspar. Feldspar rocks make up 41 percent of the earths crust and is the most abundant mineral.

I am once firing this load, meaning I am skipping the first firing and glazing the raw clay. It is tricky for two reasons. One: the raw clay is super fragile and as the glaze soaks into it, it becomes even more delicate. I lost a big pitcher as it crumbled in my hands. Two: it is easy to heat the clay too fast. As the moisture in the clay turns to steam it will cause the piece to explode. If I don’t heat the kiln just right in the beginning, pots could blow up. This will not only destroy the pot that exploded, but it will get shards of clay in many other pots, also ruining them.