Belle of the diner, queen of the lanes

While photography has been a hobby since I started college, I’ve only fallen into the fashion side of things in the past three years. Though it’s my primary passion now, writing used to be the dream. The moment I began to get somewhere with fiction (managing to get upward of ten short stories published a variety of places — mostly smaller magazines, often digital, but still), I froze up and turned to photography as a creative outlet. I left fiction alone for years after that, hardly writing a word, but this year I decided to start combining the two. I only post photos to Instagram now when I have some writing of my own to pair with the photos. I figured I’d try posting a favorite to Shuffle. This is the first part of a three piece flash fiction vignette series, featuring a character that I’ve become quite fond of: Edna.

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Credits for those involved can be found on Instagram:

Photography and Fiction: @theangryluddite (it me) Model:) @buttercup__baby HMUA/Styling/Lighting: @grahammorrisonphoto Assistance: @loganheard Location: @milwaukiebowl