A Seasonal guide | Transitioning into fall

This seasonal guide delves into the transitional time of Fall and offers some simple advice on how to stay balanced during this time of year.

With the Fall Equinox quickly approaching (on September 22nd), a dramatic seasonal shift is about to take place, one in which our days & nights become equally long. This time of year also marks the transition between Summer & Fall, a time in which we begin to literally & figuratively reap all that we have sown over the course of the year. It is a time to harvest the abundance of Summer, to preserve what nourishes us for Winter, and to let go of what no longer serves us before the onset of Spring.

It is important to remember to take time to care for ourselves during this time of year as we can become weighed down by obligations & responsibilities to our family, home, and work. Creating space and time within your day to truly care for yourself can have a tremendous overall effect on your wellbeing. I am amazed by how the simplest forms of self-care can shift my mood and reinvigorate my mind.

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