Over the course of this journey, we have been fortunate to work with many wonderful people who have helped us by generously offering their time, talents, and support. Shuffle is built for our community and it would not have been possible without our community.

The Interest Genome Project

Becca Bastron
Laura Pike-Seeley
Andrea Van Duren
Leiya Mahoney
Eric Chuk
Joni Savage


Rachel Bliven
Emme Mandara
Jesse Strickman
Andrea Van Duren
Leiya Mahoney
Katy Fleischman
Stephanie Rose
Martha Soule-Fahey


Andrea Van Duren
Holly Murchison


Alice Koswara


Vikas Agarwal
Sylvan Swierkosz
Jason Emberley
Joyce Lacey

Open Source Libraries

It is common knowledge in the technology community that almost no work is possible without using open-source technologies and libraries. Shuffle is no different. Here, we are listing the ones that we use directly, as our little thank you to the authors and community behind these libraries. It is relevant to note that these libraries further use other open-source work as well, so our gratitude really extends to anyone who does open-source work.

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