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Poems to my love #11, #12

#11 — 8/16/16

My one true babe Shrouded in night Whispers of joy and sorrow She is come To show me my heart It’s folds and crannies Into underground lakes Where love smolders Swept by currents We tumble helplessly Together at last

POems to my love #5, #6, #7


My special girl. Where is she now? I think of her and want to twirl. Before our love I am humbled and bow. Life is full of light and wonder. Together we face the darkness. We tear the nothingness asunder. Thoughts become reality bursting with kindness.

Poem to my love #1

"My kindred spirit. With you I am all life. My mind stream continues to rivet and I feel clear in it. Your love cuts through my pain like a knife. It is breaking me open; a waterfall of myriad colors and emotion cascades in front of my eyes. Good morning. I love you." - 9/29/15

This is one of many poems I texted to my now fiancé over the past 4 years of our love affair. I decided poems were better than normal conversational texting and, for stretches, managed to text mostly poems.

symmetry gone awry

Marker & Colored Pencil

Mandala style doodle. Marker on paper.

poems to my love #8, #9, #10


From rain emerges the many eyed monster, shifting rapidly as it blinks in and out of existence. It is the pit in our stomach. It is the joy of love’s first kiss. A sea of pain surrounds us. An ocean of love caresses us in an eternal embrace. Here on this island the sand beneath my feet is startlingly dry. It’s been raining for days? How is this possible?

Poems to my love #2,#3,#4


Gloom covers my eyes. Will can pierce the veil. Love burns into ashes. Our bonds unravel as time flies. When all seems lost, Gravity the mighty whale, pulls the last pieces together. Once again light flashes.

Choreography #1
To Shapeshifter by Soulacybin

I made a video of my first ever choreography, which I practiced 4–6 times a week for at least 10 minutes per session over the last month. I arbitrarily decided on a process (which I shall not be repeating) to come up with the moves. I began by doing the feet. Then, once the feet had been mastered, the upper body movements were created and added. This move building system yielded less fully expressive full body movements than I would have liked.

Doodle —  marker on paper