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Solo Singing, Ukulele, Pipe Organ, Piano, Music Collecting
Polka, Flamenco, Samba, Calypso, Reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B and Soul, Indian Film Music, Background Scores, Experimental Music, Ambient & Downtempo, Trance, House, Techno, Hardcore Electronic, Drum & Bass / Jungle, Glam Metal, Folk Metal, Funk Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Metal, Breakbeat, Blues, Country, New Wave, Punk, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative & Indie Rock, Pop Music, Zydeco, Old Time, Contemporary Folk

I love music. I have a Sonos system so I can listen anywhere in the house. I don’t have a strong preference except I tend to like good over bad. I am learning to play a(n) ukulele.

Personal Statement

I had an ex who was a musicologist, who later turned into a gender theorist. Since I also count gender theory among my specialities (although non-academic), I can’t say much about her musicology. Hah. Actually, as far as I could tell she was quite a good musicologist, though she had some issues with the administration of her program. For her sake I learned to appreciate the odd scales and tempos of contemporary music. As a kid I learned the piano solely so I could play ragtime. I didn’t learn music theory at all well, which impacted pretty much all my study of music, all my life, including voice lessons (for a few months) I took in my 40s. I can carry a tune with my voice, but I have to be familiar with it, and I’m not great at sight-reading with voice. But perhaps I can return to it. Somewhat concurrently, I bought a nice traveling (lightweight) ukulele, and on and off try to learn to play. I still have the ukulele, but it’s had a long break. Perhaps it’s time to return. I can somehow manage to remember to do my duolingo-powered Spanish lessons, so perhaps I could do the same with ukulele? Minor worries about cultural appropriativeness. Perhaps I could learn the guitar later. I am also fascinated with the cheap and powerful digital synthesizers/sequencers out in the market these days. I think I would enjoy a little soundboard from Teenage Engineering, but perhaps I wouldn’t use it particularly professionally. Who knows? I also like to tinker with the electronic sequencer/sampler apps on the iPhone. They’re silly and light but reassuring in some way. One of my favorites here is Figure, by Allihoopa.