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Crafting & Making, Fermentation, Home Brewing, Salting, Pickling, Smoking, Ice Cream Making, Molecular Gastronomy, Computer Building, 3D Printing, Programming, Cryptography, Communication, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Bioinformatics, Nutrition Biohacking, Chemistry

I like to do origami (which I started as a child when well-meaning white folks thought it would be a good fit). It appeals to my math and geometry proclivities. Also, through Shapeways, I’ve noodled a bit with 3D printing.


Personal Statement

I have very diverse interests here. I have a mild interest in 3D modeling and 3D printing. I don’t have a printer, but sometimes use Shapeways to fabricate stuff from digital files (which is just a very cool concept). I’m also interested in other professional-amateur fabrication technologies, and keep track of them even though I don’t own the equipment. I like culinary stuff, home cooking, cocktails, home infusions, liqueurs (krupnik and limoncellos) and bitters, experimental food substitutes, molecular gastronomy, fitness and dietary-related cooking topics, pickling, preservation, curing (gravlax), fermentaion (Chinese wine and sake). I especially like picking up interesting cooking techniques, I like figuring out how to cook for restricted and allergic diets. I like finding out secret ingredients, especially unexpected ingredients that emphasize the tastes of other flavors without giving themselves away so they’re hard to guess (ask me about milk gelato, or the best melon and shaved jamon salad I ever had). I love to wok cook, to recover my heritage and uncover and practice traditional high heat cooking techniques with the wok. I bought a wok ring for my 2nd hand (which I refurbished) Big Green Egg, and am looking forward to one day using that for high heat, smoky cooking, too. I do some home DIY (and hire folks to do others). Still haven’t determined whether I will or whether I will hire someone to do a brick patio for under my Big Green Egg. I also need some building done in the back yard, to join some stairs and patios together. As a kid I helped my family build some decks for houses in Southern California, and I wonder if we could do even that ourselves.