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Loving my sunny work desk today

Work in progress. Practice study of a leaf with lots of detail.

Well still working on painting white things. I felt like I was on the right track, but I think I got the shadows too dark and maybe too on the blue side. In the picture the colors were more warm. I might just paint it again and see if I can improve! Any other pointers welcome ☺

I finished my first painting in a long time this morning! I fell in love with this plant on the side of the road, not sure what it is but the colors are really unique. Especially the way the stem is that silvery white. I don’t feel that I was able to capture that the way I would have liked, but it was still fun!

New little birdie

Poppy in watercolor and ink

Did a new painting today ☺

I got a new watercolor journal! I have been looking all over for one just this size. I have tried painting in it yet, but the paper seems really nice. Since painting is more of a process focused on my own enjoyment rather than to create something to hang on a wall, I figured a journal would be perfect!