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Has anyone seen this yet? I really wanted to see it when I was in Santa Fe last month, but didn’t end up making it.

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How do you feel about being an independent worker?

The world is moving more and more in the direction of people following their passions and working in creative and independent fields such as writing. I think this is a wonderful thing, but I also find that there are some real challenges with this kind of work.

How do you all feel about working outside the 9-5 (whether you do now or would like to someday)? Have you found things that make it work well for you?

A quote for the theme of the week: Work

"To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work”

-Mary Oliver

Really feeling this line. It can take a lot to sit through the moments when life is cast in a poor light and remember that they will look deferentially later ♡ Here is the song it is from.

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Interesting article about Margaret Atwood. Anyone looking forward to reading The Testaments? I haven’t read any of her work yet nor seen the show. I’m definitely curious though. I like the idea of reading the books before seeing the show.

Sophie Gilbert
With her new book—the much-awaited sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale—the Canadian author is leading a resistance. But it’s not the one you might think.

I had the incredible experience of getting to see Joy Harjo read in my home town of Santa Fe last week. For anyone that might not know, Joy is the Poet Laureate for the US and the first Native American Poet Laureate in US history. It was especially special to see her in Santa Fe, because she lived there for many years (which I didn’t know before seeing her talk). Here is a picture of here reading:


Shuffle theme of the week: Afterlife

I always imagined that when I die  I will dissolve into everything

Girls are coming out of the woods

Shuffle theme of the week: Out of the woods

This is an incredibly powerful poem by Tishani Doshi. Tishani in an Indian poet and this poem was written after a very famous rape case in Delhi in 2012 that radically shifted the conversation around rape in India. The link at the bottom also has a recording of her reading it which I recommend.